We have established a new interdisciplinary research group in computer science physics. The group will involve 28 researchers, including 4 researchers who have returned to Latvia from abroad, 8 recent Ph.D., 9 Ph.D. students and 3 M.Sc. students. The group will study a broad range of computer science problems from applied topics useful to Latvian IT industry to longer-term research.

The research directions are: - quantum computing (goal - to design algorithms for computers based on quantum mechanics); - physical aspects of quantum technologies (goal - better methods for simulating quantum systems on a conventional computer and new knowledge in quantum mechanics); - data warehousing (goal - methods to manage data with structure changing over time, with applications to business process management); - model based architectures (goal - new models of software, with easy to-use user interfaces); - software engineering (goal - methods for managing globally distributed teams of software developers).