In order not to stop at what has been achieved and to continue to improve the quality of studies, we invite students to get involved and express their opinion:

1. In "Midsemester" surveys

The purpose of these surveys is to find out students' opinions about the course, how it has been conducted so far, with the aim of initiating possible changes during the rest of the semester.

"Midsemester" evaluation takes place in the fourth-fifth week of the semester. Lecturers meet student representatives and write a short summary of the meeting, focusing on the agreed changes for the rest of the semester, and notify the students in this regard. It is a lecturer's responsibility to ensure that the agreed changes are implemented.

2. In surveys at the end of a course

Surveys are mandatory in order to get the opinion of all students about the implemented study course. The more qualitatively they are filled in, the easier it is to identify what prevents students from learning that is intended in a course and to find solutions.

3. In a survey at the programme final

Completion of the LUIS questionnaire at the programme final is required to clarify the views of all students on the acquired study programme. The defects and proposals identified in the analysis are recorded in the Register of Improvement Proposals.

4. In an application of the course seniors and faculty student self-government

Another form of reporting a problem or making suggestions is the opportunity for a course senior or student self-government to write an application to the dean. Defects and proposals mentioned in the applications are recorded in the Register of Improvement Proposals.