The Faculty of Computing provides academic and professional education, and conducts research in computer science. Faculty study programmes are recognized by the Latvian employers and European education experts, having received the "Euro-Inf Quality Label". Students have the opportunity to gain comprehensive basic knowledge in computer science and choose a specialization in computer science, information technology, software engineering, information systems, computer engineering and didactics of computer science. The Faculty's academic staff are knowledgeable in theory and have gained practical experience in the industry, while graduates work in the major companies of Latvia and other countries, are employed by successful startups, in public administration and elsewhere.


The University of Latvia is becoming a major university in the research and information and communications technology sector (ICT) in the Baltic states within the meaning of training the specialists, keeping or achieving world awareness in certain directions.


The mission of the University of Latvia in supporting the development of the Computer Science industry is:

  • to prepare highly qualified export-capable specialists for practical work in companies and state institutions, who would be able to not only design and develop complex information systems, but also to manage projects and independently learn new technologies in a rapidly changing environment throughout the Computer Science industry;
  • to provide the Computer Science industry with academically educated specialists prepared for scientific work, who would be able to conduct research in Computer Science in Latvia, as well as to perform the functions of experts in the evaluation of new technologies and systems.