Where will I be able to work?

Job offers for computer specialists are constantly available on the LikeIT website. Our programmes will help you to acquire knowledge and skills to work in practically any position offered by the website.

In the TOP of the study programmes of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and the portal Prakse.lv, the UL bachelor's study programme "Computer Science" has been recognised as the most recommended programme by employers in Latvia.

The aim of the programme is to prepare specialists that are ready to work in the industry within 2.5 years, who can participate in the development of applications and information systems, the development and administration of computer networks, and to continue studies in the third year of the bachelor's academic programme. Along with the first level professional higher education diploma programme, the graduate also obtains one of the two 4th level professional qualifications – "Programmer" or "Computer Systems and Computer Network Administrator".

The aim of the bachelor’s academic programme of Computer Science is to prepare specialists who, depending on the chosen specialisation, are able to design and develop complex applications and information systems, computer networks, robots, wireless sensor networks or prove complex mathematical theorems.

The programme is designed so that after the first two years of studying, a student is able to work in the IT industry, if necessary.

After the first two years of studying, the student chooses a specialisation (field of study).

Each specialisation corresponds to a subject module that provides students with better training in the chosen field of computer science:

  • Computer science – if you want to become a researcher or lecturer in the future;
  • Information technologies – if you want to become a computer network specialist and project manager in the future;
  • Information systems – this field will provide the skills required for database and information system specialists and project managers;
  • Software engineering – if you want to become a programmer and software project manager;
  • Computer engineering – if you want to connect your future with embedded software, robot development, sensor networks;
  • Didactics of Computer Science – if you want to become a computing lecturer in the future.

The aim of the master’s academic programme of Computer Science is to prepare specialists who (depending on the chosen field of study) are able to model and analyse large and complex systems, develop large and complex software systems, information systems and computer networks, manage large projects and specialist groups, work as a researcher or lecturer.

The demand for IT specialists is growing every year, but there is an even greater demand for highly qualified specialists who are able to solve complex problems and learn new areas of activity very quickly. A master's degree is an opportunity for professional development and growth.

The aim of the doctoral study programme in Computer Science is to prepare doctoral level specialists who can work in science (as researchers and lecturers), as well as participate and manage the implementation of technically complex projects in the programming industry. Graduates of the programme work as researchers at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia, as lecturers at the University of Latvia and at foreign universities, and as specialists and project managers in the main Latvian IT companies.