Big Data Analytics Module – further education opportunity for IT professionals

The Big Data Analytics Module is intended for the further education of IT industry professionals; it is not a complete study programme, but a set of courses that provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a big data analyst.

University diploma will not be issued for the completion of the module, but a Certificate from the Faculty of Computing will be issued as proof of knowledge and skills. The Faculty of Computing of the University of Latvia offers the opportunity to obtain a data analyst certificate to any interested person who is able to cope with the content and scope of studies.

Within the framework of the module, six master's study programme courses will be acquired during the four-semester period: "Data Processing Systems", "Selected Departments of Data Warehouses", "Selected Departments of Mathematical Statistics for Computer Technician", "Data Mining Algorithms", "Big Data Technologies", "Deep Machine Learning" (this is the recommended sequence of courses).

Studies take place within the framework of the master's programme in Computer Science and its list of classes. Persons who are not students of this programme acquire certificate as UL listeners, or acquire courses independently, passing them in accordance with the requirements for obtaining credit points laid down in the course descriptions.

1st year

Autumn semester

Data processing systems (optional introductory course)

Spring semester

Selected topics in data warehouses

Selected topics in mathematical statistics for computer science

2nd year

Autumn semester

Data mining algorithms

Spring semester

Big data technologies

Deep learning


This is the recommended division of courses by semesters; in this sequence the studies last for 4 semesters (2 years).

It is also possible to take more courses in one semester if you are able to cope with such a load.