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Accenture MadScience seminārā uzstāsies profesors Kēss van Lēvens no Beļģijas


Piektdien, 1. jūnijā, plkst. 17:30 visi interesenti ir laipni aicināti uz kārtējo Accenture MadScience semināru, kurā ar vieslekciju "Brain Unity and Brain activity duality" uzstāsies Lēvenes Katoļu universitātes Uztveres dinamikas laboratorijas vadītājs, profesors Kēss van Lēvens (Cees van Leeuwen). Lekcija notiks Raiņa bulvārī 19, 13. auditorijā.

Anotācija (angļu valodā):

Neuroimaging has thrown a bridge across the explanatory gap between brain and cognition. Or so it seems. Unfortunately a new gap has opened up, since the constructs of neuronal and regional “brain activity” play incompatible explanatory roles. This problem could be remedied by adopting a principle that applies to activity across scales. As such, I propose the principle of particle wave duality. Rather than for a static framework of neurons, circuits and brain regions, the duality exists for the entities that travel through them. At neuronal level, action potentials are the particles; the wave - field guiding their propagation consists of subthreshold potential fluctuations. At circuit level, packets of spatiotemporally coherent action potentials form the particles; their propagation is guided by their own wave field, consisting of weak modulations of spiking activity resulting from local population activity.
At macrolevel, particles are precisely timed spiking activity propagating in coordinated fashion acros pools of pyramidal neurons; their guiding waves are the product of their own synaptic activity. At all levels, these processes universally contribute to dynamically shaping an evolving architecture of complex networks and topographical maps, which in turn supports the flow of activity. At the largest scale, these patterns lead to the functional differentiation of conscious and unconscious processes.