Date : October 28th

Time: 17:00-18:30

We are excited to invite you to our next workshop!
During the workshop you will learn:

-Why SQL is so popular
-How to setup your Autonomous Database
-How to do SQL in Oracle Cloud
-Practice using simple exam grades data model
-A few nice and employers’ valued resources to practice SQL online

 Agenda for the event:

-5 reasons we still use SQL today
-Short introduction to Oracle Cloud
-Practice setting up your Autonomous database
-create there simple exam grades storing tables
-query data from Oracle Cloud Autonomous database
-a few interesting SQL traps demonstration
-suggestions for those who are interested in further learning

NB! We especially welcome to join those who consider doing some course work or practice on your own for kick-starting a career in IT. This event will be a great intro about the free, online Data Management Bootcamp training program that Accenture offers.

Language: ENG