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Thomas G. Wong
Thomas G. Wong

DF viespētnieka Thomas G. Wong raksts publicēts žurnālā "Physical Review A"


Datorikas fakultātes viespētnieka Thomas G. Wong raksts "Faster Quantum Walk Search on a Weighted Graph" ir publicēts žurnālā "Physical Review A". Rakstā izskaidrots, kā palielināt datubāzes veikstpēju kvantu datoros, nemainot datubāzes struktūru.

Raksta kopsavilkums:

Boosting database performance for quantum computers

Quantum computers are well-known for their ability to search databases faster than regular computers. How long this takes, however, depends on the structure of the database. New research by Tom Wong of the University of Latvia shows that by cleverly strengthening some existing links in a slow database, it can be made fast. This work, to appear in Physical Review A, gives researches a way to boost the performance of databases for quantum computers, without needing to restructure the data.