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Doctoral study programme
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The total volume of Doctoral study programme is 144 credit points, including the doctoral thesis. The programme consists of the mandatory part (A part) with 120 credit points and electives (B part) with 24 credit points.

A part includes:

  • Doctoral thesis (DatZ7009): 100 points;
  • Research methods in computer science (DatZ7008): 8 points;
  • Doctoral seminar in computer science (DatZ7029): 4 points;
  • Doctoral examination in computer science (DatZ7035): 4 points;
  • Doctoral examination in foreign language (Valo7065): 4 points.

B part includes:

  • Core course of research area (DatZ7023): 8 points;
  • Computational complexity (Datz7025):  2 points
  • Quantum algorithms (DatZ7020): 4 points
  • Algorithms for difficult problems (DatZ7022): 4 points
  • Specification languages (DatZ7026): 4 points
  • Modelling and logic (DatZ7021): 4 points
  • System modelling and semantic web (DatZ7033): 8 points
  • Wireless sensor networks (DatZ7032): 4 points
  • Virtual environments (DatZ7031): 2 points
  • Digital design (DatZ7034): 4 points
  • Research area seminar in computer science (DatZ7024): 2 points

Doctoral studies are organized according to the individual plan. The individual plan is prepared by the doctoral student together with the scientific supervisor and approved by the Council of Computer science Doctoral programme (CCD). In the B part, every doctoral student has to take “Core course of the research area” in one of research areas of the

Faculty of Computing:

Research AreaLeading faculty
Mathematical foundations of computer science and quantum computationProf. A. Ambainis
Visualization of information, computer graphics and image processingDoc. P. Ķikusts
Artificial intelligence Asoc. prof. J. Zuters
Bioinformatics Prof. J. Vīksna
Modelling and semantic webProf. J. Bārzdiņš
Software development and software testing Prof. G. Arnicāns
Information systems and their management Asoc. prof. L. Niedrīte
Computer engineering and computer networks Prof. L. Seļavo

Depending on the number of students in the area, “Core course of research area” may be organized either in form the of lectures and seminars (if the number of doctoral students is larger), or individual readings supervised by student’s research supervisor and the leading teaching staff of the sector (if the number of doctoral students is small).
Besides the “Core course of research area”, the doctoral student should choose other electives (B part) in the amount of 16 credit points, from the courses offered in the doctoral programme of Computer Science. The choice must be approved by his/her scientific supervisor and CCD. In several doctoral courses, the lectures are held together with the respective courses of master programme. In such case, the course may have extra requirements for the doctoral students (typical extra requirements are making course presentations about the current research papers or independently learning additional topics). Such joint courses are also practised in other countries, if the amount of doctoral students is too small in to hold the course separately for the doctoral programme.